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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 3, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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yachlts it's time to set your dvr. do it right now. and don't forget start your weekday morning with fox and friends 5:00 to 9:00. thanks for joining us we'll see you ba this is a fox news alert. we are three hours from this very minute from that reported deadline for ukrainian forces in crimea to surrender or face putin's russian military storm. russia is denying it issued the ultimatum to ukraine. growing. grips on ukraine is growing and today president obama warning the u.s. is considering economic and diplomatic options to isolate russia. very latest "time" magazine reporter live in crimea. he reports we are at a decisive moment. simon, tell me what's going on now. >> well, now the situation is quite tense. everybody is waiting for this ultimatum to run out in a few hours. and then, you know, it is
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possible that russia will begin a full on assault on these places that have been surrounded by russian troops for a tuesdays. >> the russians have claimed that they didn't issue an ultimatum. do you have any information to support that denial or can you disprove that? >> no, we can't disprove that. and there had been previous ultimatums and nothing happened. so the russian defense ministry said it didn't issue such an ultimatum, but the ukrainian defense forces said that they definitely received it. and journalists did report witnessing that ultimatum being handed to them. so, it's not quite clear who exactly is threatening whom, but the situation, you know, remains such that everyone is waiting for russia to play its hand and attack or not attack. >> what -- people in the
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area want or thinks, not the military but the people. >> i think ethnic russian community in crimea, which is the majority of the population on the peninsula, they are content to have the russian troops here protecting them from the new government that came to power in last month's revolution. however, they do not want any blood to be spilled. i think the minute that russia attacks any of the bases or kills any ukrainian servicemen, they will lose the support of the local population definitely. >> simon, if you will stand by, we will get back to you little later in the hour. thank you, simon. >> thank you. >> what should the united states do or not do about this growing conflict and could we have avoided this? former defense secretary donald rumsfeld joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> what should we do or not do? what should president obama do or not do?
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>> well, the focus not surprisingly is on that question. and it's understandable. but it's way too narrow. yesterday, it was syria. today it's ukraine. tomorrow it could be the republic of georgia again it could be central asia. iran, north korea. at this stage, near term options are few. it seems to me the central problem is bigger and critically important. america and that is america's weakness. specifically the u.s. is behaving in a way that tells the world we're in decline. that we're in withdrawal. we have created a leadership vacuum in the world, and it is filled by the putins in the world. by people without our values or our interest. and it's to the detriment of the united states and our friends and allies around the world. it is the united states that's injected that instability into the world equation. >> you know, it's sort of interesting to say that the
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"the washington post" editorial board online had an editorial yesterday about president obama and they described his foreign policy. they used the word fantasy. that seems to be a dee dee par temperature from what this editorial board thought of the president until this point that. >> could even be the understatement of the year it seems to me that the immediate task to respond to your question, greta, task is to recognize that the mission must coalition. the coalition cannot determine the mission. and the mumblings and chatterings about the u.n. and the international community are really is a misunderstanding because what you have to do is decide -- we know that the international community is only words. what needs to be done is to fashion a coalition, based on a specific mission. the mission has to be to put maximum pressure on the russian federation and
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putin, pressure of all type. and it has to be only the countries who agree with that and you are not going to get the u.n. to agree to that obviously. so, the thing we have got to persuade other countries of is that we get peace through strength as eisenhower said. if we want peace, we have to be prepared for war. and that it is u.s. weakness that has shaken the world. and eisenhower, kennedy, and johnson years, we were sending 10% of g.d.p. on defense. today we are spending less than 4%. our european allies are spending less than 2%. the administration lacks a foreign policy. they lack a strategy. they are managing our economy, modeling it on europe, which is a failed model. and it's sending a signal out across the globe that the united states is not going to be there for them. that the united states is in decline.
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and we're doing the same thing with all talk of cutting our defense budget you met president putin in 2001. what was your impression of him? >> uncomfortable. clearly kgb-ite. tough, intelligent. and fundamentally different interest than the united states. but i also saw russia as basically a country that has a relatively modest economy with the exception of its energy capabilities and leverage. it's got a military that has a lot of nuclear weapons it's a conscript military. he is, today, punching way above his weight class, and the united states is punching way below ours. >> mr. secretary, thank you for talking to us, you bet.
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>> as the ukraine crisis gets worse even the mainstream media -- washington editorial saying president obama's foreign policy based on fantasy. former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, glad to be with you from london. >> yes. i don't mean to be heart beat on editorial. seems to be a departure when the "the washington post" comes out and uses the term fantasy at such an ominous time it's an accurate description of what's going on. the president's main problem is that he just doesn't care about america national security issues. he doesn't focus on it. he said back in the 2008 campaign that his priority was transforming american society. that's what he is up to. so, in 2008, nato made a terrible mistake when the europeans rejected our proposal too have ukraine and georgia join nato.
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five years after during the five years of obama's presidency, he has simply not focused on ukraine or the other former republics of the soviet union. he thinks that the reset button with russia worked. he believes weigh have common interest with russia and syria. common interest with russia andee crane. we absolutely do not. as long as he thinks that he is going to get pushed around, which is what is happening now. i agree with secretary rumsfeld. this is not a problem today. not a problem with what obama didn't do on friday or what he is not going to do tomorrow. it's a problem of having five years of no thinking about what america's interests are. when the crisis hits, your options are very limited. >> can we get our allies to back us up and get that coalition? i might add at least angela merkel, german chancellor was said in the "new york times" that she had a conversation with president putin and after the conversation, she said that putin didn't seem to be in touch with reality. so, what can we expect from
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our most -- our major allies in this? >> not much. you know, of the idea that europe will agree to major economic sanctions, that's not living in reality. that's not going to happen. in fact, over here, the big story is a photograph of a briefing paper that britain's deputy national security advisor was carrying in to a meeting that shows britain's position is no nato action on the russian move into the crimea. and that britain will not support significant economic sanctions at this time. this is the editorial cartoon of today's london "times." it shows bare chested putin in his mussolini pose playing chess with three tanks on the chess board knocking over the chess pieces of barack obama, prime minister david cammeron and eu chief negotiator baronness ashton. that's how they see it over here. it's not a bad depiction.
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putin is on a roll. we don't know what we are doing. we have no strategy. that's because we didn't think of up yesterday but because we didn't have it for five years. >> doesn't that mirror with what happened last summer with syria when britain didn't back us up on syria when the president drew the red line. that put us in a rather crumbling position. >> right. i think it certainly undercut the president's already weak position. the issue here is that the europeans are much more dependent economically on russia. than we are. oil and natural gas, much of it coming through ukraine and the trade relationships they have developed. the notion that at this point the europeans would be prepared to put an already shaky economic recovery in danger, i think is just misplaced. what they're talking about are targeted sanctions of freezing assets of selected named russian officials. restricting their travel to their spouses can't shop in
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the great fashion centers of europe. you know, this is the kind of pinprick response that leads somebody like putin to say, and in my cost benefit analysis, ukraine is hugely important to russia. and i want to maintain high jim any over it. and these incidental sanctions can i weather them and in due course the united states and europe will back off them because they don't have staying power. i will get what they want and they won't hurt me that much. that's their calculus. what's our calculus? >> ambassador, thank you, sir. enjoy london. >> thank you. >> and general bob scales insists russian president putin is bluffing that u.s. intervention must be on the table. i will tell you most people have military fatigue and you put it on the table. >> well, first of all understand russian military forces are very weak. they don't have a draft
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army. not a single stealth fighter. their navy can't get out of ports. it it really is the gang that couldn't shoot straight. we have still a very strong military. we ought to leverage that asymmetry. is that a threat or actually a follow-through? there are two things there. one is a threat to sort of scare them because they have a pathetic military and the other one is to actually commit. >> i think we can commit as a demonstration as an example. we have a perfect right to put ships in the black sea. let's put some ships in the black sea. poland is one of the best maneuver areas in central europe. the u.s. military, the u.s. army, maybe even the marine corps ought to move into poland to do maneuvers, perhaps stay a while. we should move tier 1 and tier 2 special forces into the ukraine if the ukraine asks for our support so we can train their troops. remember october '73 when we kept israel from collapsing by flying in high tech gear, high tech weapons.
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we could do that in the ukraine. that is not going to start a war but tell putin we are serious. >> why do we do that? >> we are doing it because there should be a military option on the table. every one i have seen on the news media this whole last few days talks about the first thing we are going to do is take the military option off the table. oh, really? that's our greatest advantage right now. putin doesn't care about economic sanctions. he doesn't care about what the eu thinks. the only thing he respects is power and he knows that america still is more powerful than he is. >> ambassador says that the brits are unlikely behind us. if we did that, that they wouldn't be behind us. >> isn't it ironic that the only european nation now that seems to show any backbone is france? who knew? but, if the united states has to act unilaterally in the military sphere it ought to do it. remember, ukraine is in our vital from the. the united states' vital interest as well as the european union. >> angela merkel saying that president putin lost touch with reality. >> and he has.
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she is right. i'm disappointed with the germans. >> is she going to join us. >> right now i think the answer is. no too much economically at stake for the germans. >> that's the point u up to the eyeballs with russia. we are sitting here doing saber rattling. >> absolutely. the only big stick left in the free world right now is the united states. we have decided to put it on the table and walk away. >> general, always nice to see you, thank you, sir. >> you too, greta. thank you. >> straight ahead, she heard blood curdling screams. that's the first witness in the pistorius murder trial. the limbacher olympic athlete turns witness speaks. you will hear it next. also, i'm going to talk to you off-the-record. if i were betting, i would bet most of you disagree with me on this one. and you probably will even send me a blistering email after you hear it continuing to monitor the breaking news in ukraine. the clock is ticking for
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russia's reported deadline to surrender. another report from the volatile region
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explosive start to the murder trial. olympic oscar pistorius. charged with murder in the 2013 bathroom shooting death of his girlfriend reva steam didcamp. day one of the trial the court hearing directly from pistorius. he pleaded not guilty. >> how do you plead? >> not guilty, my lady. >> also today, surprising testimony from the first witness. a neighbor of pistorius says she heard blood curdling screams and then four gunshots on the night of the deadly screaming. that testimony contradicts pistorius' version of
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events. he says he thought steamcamp was sleeping when he shot what he said was intruder in the bathroom. did he not describe any woman screaming. now if convicted of the murder trial, pistorius could be sent to prison for at least 25 years. and now to obamacare news as a result of new healthcare law. one in three americans says health insurance has changed and not for the better. according to a new rasmussen poll, 33% say they have been personally hurt by obama care. remember, just last week, majority leader harry reid said on the senate floor that all the obamacare horror stories were made up. joining us our political panel, washington examiner susan member riccio. nobody that easton and "the weekly standard's" john mccormick. first to you, susan. that poll, starting to slide, getting worse on this poll for lovers of obamacare? >> very telling poll. lays it all out there. the no exact number, 50%. that's because a lot of people have not been impacted by the law yet. they may in the future if the employer mandate kicks
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in and they are forced on to the exchanges. not a surprise at all that so many people say it's not helping them. let's think with the reasons why. a lot of people are having their premiums go up. they are seeing the networks are smaller because the needs to control costs so need to control how many doctors are available. and they are losing the care they have already people being helped much smaller percentage than those lost out by losing current health insurance by having to pay more for less under the new law. >> nina, president obama says is he open to fixing it but he says the republicans are standing in his way. >> yeah. he is open to fixing it to a point. he is not going to repeal it or do anything drastic. we know that he has already fixed it how many sometimes, 27 times i think with the delays and we can call those fixes. i think what's interesting about this poll is that this is a law that divides winners and losers. in addition to that 33% of
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people that perceive they have been hit by obama care. i don't know if been hurt by obama care given the numbers. it's the winners that's interesting. it's only 14% believe it's made their insurance lives better. those aren't good numbers going in to 2014 midterm elections. >> john? >> that one number hurt to help obamacare is what you seen in other polls. kaiser poll for example shows a similar number. one of the most dramatic shifts i have seen uninsured their view of this law. they are the ones supposed to get help. if you look back to 2010 would see that the numbers 56% had a favorable view. 26% had unfavorable view. those numbers have flipped. 65 point swing according to kaiser poll obamacare was supposed to help. as this thing -- experience negative. any thing that harry reid wants to say have not been hurt doesn't match up what they have seen with their own eyes. nina, ukraine we have
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seen all over the news, the deadline. the president is losing a lot of support. >> this is one of those moments in history where, you know, it's more important than ever for the president to actually say no means no. because this isn't just about the ukraine. this is about, for example, the middle east. this is assad in syria who is an ally of russia is going to have a stronger hand if puted can claim victory in this. the hardliners in tehran are going to have -- are going to be in a better position. >> they are going to think they picked the right horse. who can bloody the nose of the president, our president? >> this is even bigger than ukraine. and the fact is you can actually do things to hurt putin. this is unlike in the cold war, i mean, this is not an isolated economy anymore much the russians have an economy that's deeply integrated with the west. they have energy that they need to export. things can you do for example encouraging energy supplies drive down the price of oil that would hurt
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him long term. things can you do militarily without taking military action. drop the idea of cutting the defense budget. put missile defense shields which obama decided not to do. those missile defense shields in poland and czechoslovakia i can't aimed at iran but nevertheless close to russia. can you take actions like that i don't think it should stop not going to the g 8 with you. >> pivotal time. >> it is. sounds like what the administration is talking about is at most economic sanctions. that from everything i am reading and hearing will have very little impact on russia because they will continue to have a relationship with europe. europe, because of their economic problems, is in no position to cut off its trade. >> and allies, britain already saying we are a no go. >> and i imagine, it doesn't look like we are trying to sort of must ira lot of support. >>. no and we have just been sending signal after signal to putin that do whatever
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you want, because we are scaling back our military. we're trying to lower our footprint on the world stage. have at it. we are in a position we are in now as your previous guests have said because of his actions over his tenure as president. now here he is with very little options. >> panel, thank you. don't forget to watch hannity tonight 10 p.m. eastern. sean will have former governor sarah palin on tonight. she warned putin would go into ukraine. that's tonight at 10:00 p.m. on hannity. okay, let's go off-the-record for a minute. and first i know no one over the age of 17 is going to agree with me on this one. but here it is. i am 100% opposed to school snow makeup days. and i know you just spit out what you were drinking when you heard me say that but i think snow makeup days are disruptive to students, teachers, and parents. and when those surprise snow makeup days are taken from
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those lock anticipated spring breaks it's disappointing to students. i never traveled to anywhere on spring break when i was a kid. i loved spring break. i knew august every one of the school year when spring break was. it was marked on my calendar. i looked forward to it the school told me what days i was supposed to in school and got off. now schools are closed up and down the eastern seaboard. a day off here or there is not going to mean the difference between a kid hitting the skids or getting a job or graduating from college. and under the theory of card laid is a card played. if a school itself cancels school, that is their decision. that's their problem. a deal is a deal. they promised spring break, and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. go to your computers and send me all those blistering emails about how wrong i am on this one or how i could possibly suggest it. or go to and tell me if you agree with me or not. straight ahead, there is more breaking news from
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ukraine. less than three hours now to ultimatum that reported deadline. president putin allegedly giving ukraine ultimatum, surrender or be stormed. president obama needs to stop going on tv and trying to threaten thugs and dictators. what does everything mean to you? with the quicksilver cash back card from capital one, it means unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase, every day. it doesn't mean, "everything.. as long as you buy it at theas station." it doesn't mean, "everything... unl you hit your cash back limit." it means earn 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every place, every occasion, all over creation. that's what everything should mean. so consider... what's in your wallet?
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they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children lauing ] move to the country,
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and live a long, happy life together where th almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find some financial folks who will talk to them about preparing early for retirement and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. this is a fox news alert. a critical deadline two hours away. ukrainian officials say russia has given ultimatum surrender crimea or face assault. moscow denying the ultimatum. tensions are growing. jessica is live in crimea. jessica? >> >> russian forces have made a real presence within the last 24 hours here. they have captured an ferry report infantry base. the ukrainian soldiers either you are with us or against us.
11:31 pm
the ukrainian coast guard has several of their ships away from sea ports here out into the black sea, maintaining they still are loyal to kiev. the head of ukraine's navy has surrendered after only two days on the job. he faces treason charges. and lead as you mentioned the ukrainian navy says that they have been given ultimatum by moscow either surrender two key navy bases here or there will be a real assault. it's also unclear as to whether it ships navy installations or also infantry. moscow saying that's rubbish, we never said that very tense situation here. and the deadline is in about three hours. >> we only have 30 seconds left. what do you get from the sense of the people on the ground, the civilians? >> it's either disbelief or raw raw russia. some people are -- well, a lot of the russians, a lot of the people here are ethnic russian speakers. some of them are very happy that russian forces are here because they feel like they are going to be targeted.
11:32 pm
others who do speak russian and are ethnic russian say they are not exactly favor of the government in kiev but certainly don't want thousands of troops here in their backyard and they are afraid and quite frankly there is real reason to be. >> jessica, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> every time the president goes on national television and threatens putin or anyone like putin. everybody's eyes roll. >> this can be resolved. >> we are prepared toed meiated, to help. we are prepared to provide economic assistance. >> we have got strong statements from nato, from the g-7. condemning the actions that russia face. >> putin is playing chess and we are playing marbles. >> rush ha is a geopolitical foe. >> the 1980s are calling to ask for foreign policy back. the cold war has been over
11:33 pm
for 20 years. >> you just don't in 20th century behave in 19th century fashion by invaghtd another country. >> when you put a red line down as was done in syria and you fail to enforce that red line, this is the result you get. people who are willing to test you. >> the president of the united states has not paid attention to ukraine. he has misunderstood the russians. we have a weak and indecisive president that invites -- >> lindsey graham joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> i can't tell whether you ripped the president more on foreign policy or the "the washington post" editorial board when they described it fantasy. but you said that the president has a weak and indecisive policy that invites aggression. >> right. this is a symptom of greater problem. it really in many ways started with benghazi when our consulate was overrun and our first ambassador was killed in 30 something years in the line of duty. three other brave americans died and not one person has been held accountable.
11:34 pm
you are sending absolutely the wrong signal to our foes around the country. and putin is not going to stop his aggression until he feels the sting. the best way to get his attention is to go after his rich friends, guards in russia making billions by ripping off the russian people, stealing their money. don't let them travel to europe and throughout the world and live a high life. don't let do business as normal. that would really i think sting putin. >> how serious is this military intervention in crimea for the american people? >> terribly. because it sends a signal to all of those who oppose putin, you cannot count on the united states if this ends badly. putin is doing a very good job of suppressing freedom and democracy inside of russia. it is a veto tall tarren light state now. and all these countries, the balkans state. laughia, stonia, georgia. the ukraine who have been trying to different path.
11:35 pm
feeling the wrath of putin. if we don't stand up and show some support for countries like the ukraine, he will continue. this it's never good when a russian, basically autocratic dictator is intimidating people in that part of the world at our expense. >> what do you think president putin is thinking about president obama and the united states? >> i think he is basically come to the conclusion after benghazi, after syria, after egypt, after everything, that obama has been engaged in, he is indecisive leader. i think putin believes that he is going to grab the crimea and march eastward until somebody pushes back and that he sees president obama as a weak character. you don't talk to putin for an hour and a half on the phone. you have about a five minute conversation. you say, mr. president, what you are doing is wrong. it's illegal. you are breaking the 1994
11:36 pm
agreement between russia and ukraine. you are outside of the international law. we will take decisive action unless you withdraw immediately. you don't stay on the phone with the guy an hour and a half. i think putin believes that obama is really all talk and no action. and unless we push back soon, the worst is yet to come. >> push back, is that economic sanctions or are you suggesting even something more, military presence? >> we don't need a military intervention in the ukraine. we need to help their economy. we need to punish the people around putin who travel and live like kings throughout the world. we need to stop business as usual. we should kick russia out of the g-8 and g-20. we should put georgia neighbor to russia in nato to protect their interest. and we should protect our allies in the region and make the people around putin pay an heavy economic price. >> what does that mean though as we try to get help from putin with iran's nuclear weapons program and with syria and their chemical weapons? >> it means you can't rely
11:37 pm
upon putin to do anything that is in our best interest the chemical weapons deal that the russians have negotiated a disaster for us. assad is stronger because of the chemical weapons deal. they took, they ate our lunch in syria. you can't rely on the russians to stop the iranian nuclear ambition. the problem we have right now in the world that america is not perceived as strong, and we are inviting aggression. the only way you are going to get the iranian's attention is for them to believe we will hit them militarily or that sanctions will stay in place unless they change their behavior. and really russia is about iran as much as it is anything else. >> all right. when you say the united states is not perceived as strong, are you saying we are weak? >> i'm saying that our allies in the gulf see us as a weak ally and that our enemies are emboldened. look at what's going on in the world. al qaeda is coming back. and russia is on the march.
11:38 pm
now, president obama, if he continues this, you are going to send absolutely the worst signal to the iranians. the iranians have to believe after this debacle in syria and now russia that barack obama does not mean it when he says all options are on the table. if the iranians do not believe that military action is on the table, they are going to march toward a nuclear capability, putting israel in a world of hurt. the world is never in a better place when you have a weak, indecisive american president. and russia is a symptom of that weakness. again, it started with benghazi. when you kill americans and nobody pays a price. you invite this type of aggression. >> senator, thank you, sir. >> coming up. members of congress living under the same healthcare system as the rest of america. listen to this. lawmakers now getting an escape plan from obama care. sound fair? former senator jim demint is here to talk about this next. we are monitoring the developments in ukraine. there are only about two hours left to putin's ultimatum ukraine.
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we're going to take you back to live to the region that's on the brink of war coming up. ...return on investment wall isn't a street... isn't the only return i'm looking forward to... for some, every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal.
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if someone offered you escape plan for obamacare, would you take it? members of congress and staff members are being offered that escape hatch when they retire and then go back to federal employee health coverage. no more obamacare for them. is that fair to the rest of america? former senator jim demint is now heritage foundation president and author of the brand new book "falling in love with america again." heins us. >> good evening, greta. >> i will get to your book. apparently there is escape hatch if you don't like obamacare and member of congress retiring or a staff. >> greta, that's exactly what this book is about. big government takes care of big politicians. big cronies, the little guys always get left behind. we see it any time other countries take over their healthcare system. the rich guys, the big guys get taken care of with one
11:44 pm
plan. but the average joe gets to deal with a cash for clunkers health plan that we got with obamacare. the people who voted for obamacare and passed it and shoved it down the throats of the american people, they don't want to live under it. and they are doing everything they can to get out from under it. >> senator grassley is the one who pushed for that provision to prevent that from -- prosecute preventing members of congress from exempting themselves and their staff. apparently this little loophole added two months later that it slipped past senator grassley. >> our folks at heritage discovered that and we have been promoting it. it just comes back to the same thing. what these big guys want to push on america it's not just with healthcare but education and all kinds of things coming out of washington now. we have got to recognize, greta, that's what i love about "falling in love with america again." we are a top notch nation.
11:45 pm
every time it tries a one size fits all solution. it divides our country and it doesn't work. you see the big guys again trying to take care of themselves. i keep trying to tell people all over the country when washington is in charge, the little guy gets hurt. >> we only have a minute left. i wanted to ask you questions about your book. one part a part about school choice. what was most intriguing is that you said that james carville agrees with you on school choice. >> so does juan williams. this is not a partisan issue. people all over the country are seeing that when you give parents more choices of schools, it improves education for everyone. it improves the traditional public schools. what's going on here in new york is a perfect example to the big. the new mayor is actually throwing very successful charter schools out of empty public building. it makes no sense at all. what they want to do. >> it makes absolute sense. because the teachers unions hate it and they supported him. it makes absolute sense.
11:46 pm
what i don't get though is why the war on poor children. i have walked through those charter schools in new york. i have seen them. i have done a story on them. and those, look, the rich kids go to the rich private schools. >> right. >> this is a big chance for some kids. and the idea that you would shut these down is absolutely appalling. >> let the big guys take care of the big unions. and so, again "falling in love with america again" if they will read it why this is the greatest country in the world and not because of washington, d.c. >> "falling in love with america again." it doesn't come out until tomorrow. i got to read it over the weekend. good luck with your new book. >> thank you, greta. >> straight ahead, going on tv. president obama taking aim at republicans at a dnc gathering. what does the rnc have to or retirement.
11:47 pm
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president obama speaking at dnc meeting and hitting republicans hard. >> it's after 5:00 so this is now officially happy hour with the democratic party. [cheers and applause] >> republicans in congress brought in outside aids to teach them how to talk to women. it is unclear how they have
11:51 pm
gotten this tar without that particular skill. [ laughter ] >> they have been obsessed with repealing the affordable care act. you know what they say -- 50th time is the charm. [ laughter ] >> maybe when you hit your 50th repeal vote, you will win a prize. maybe if you buy 50 repeal votes, you get one free. top republican of the house said america should judge them not on how many laws they pass, which isn't a lot. but on how many they repeal a great year for republicans. a whole bunch of people aren't voting. >> rnc chair priebus joins us. >> hi. >> give you a chance to respond as we just did a couple swats at your party. >> more laughable what he is doing. taunting the g.o.p. while putin is he is spinning like
11:52 pm
a top. it is a president like the "the washington post" said this morning living in fantasy land both in domestic policy and we are going to have a verdict coming in november. we will get to a a 1 votes in the senate. and hopefully we will be able to undo some of the damage the president has done to this country. >> do you believe they can take over. >> i would ask people to look at what's at play. six seats that are currently held by democrats that the president didn't win 41% n 2012. now, the difference between 2014 and 2012 is is personally unpopular. obamacare is no longer a myth or a promise. the reality is people hate it. and in fact the reason we are obsessed with obamacare is that the american people are obsessed with he obamacare. undoing obamacare, this is, i think, the right thing for
11:53 pm
this country for us to do in the pursuit. >> is that going to be bakinger issue come november? always when you are in the midst of a crisis you think like foreign policy to me seems like a very important issue for people to vote. i guess when they vote they don't necessarily vote that but vote their pocketbooks. come november, you still think obamacare is going to be the one. >> it's it absolutely the one. harry reid talking and saying that all these stories about obamacare just lies. the millions of people that have lost their coverage. >> i'm surprised he said that. >> i am. apparently it's all lies. look at what's happening now. senator democrats running across the country suing to pull down ads with people affected by obama care. this is why they are afraid of this issue. now you add in this foreign policy issue. we don't want the president to be weak. i'm not cheering for president obama to be weak. we'll want him to lead. we want america to lead. we want america to look strong in front of the entire world. he is leading us in the
11:54 pm
wrong direction overseas as well. i think mike rogers was right yesterday when he said the president is playing marbles while putin is playing chess. we have got get serious here. >> chairman, nice to see you here. >> thank you, greta. >> only two hours and 10 miners left until russia's deadline with ukraine. take you back live to ukraine. that's next. @w@wowowpg÷÷owúç÷g
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
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11:58 pm
this is a fox news alert. in just two hours ukrainian forces in crimea face a reported ultimatum deadline. they must surrender or face russian assault. what what's going on now. i realize the witching hour is rapidly approaching, this deadline. >> that's right. we do know that russian troops are massing and have been massing for a couple days around rim i can't. -- cripple i can't. the ukraine servicemen
11:59 pm
realize pretty clearly that at least military terms they are not expecting any assistance from allies. they realize they are all alone in this. -- some guarantee security. they don't have allusions with president obama jumping in fighter jets and defending ukraine's sovereignty, no. >> do you get a sense as the time winds downs that the russians are really watching this deadline? >> it's not clear it seems from the troop formations around the bases now. they don't have enough troops in place to attack in two hours. you really never know. they could use air power. it's not quite clear yet.
12:00 am
>> simon, thank you. thanks for being with us. right now go to there is a poll question there and then go to bill o'reilly. he will be starting his show in just a minute. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye," well belgium ever figure out a more efficient way of producing orange juice? we will take you in their highly unorthodox menu of the nutritious drink. and which of these is the president using to plan to install a new hot tub? new hot tub? new sawn gnaw? >> all of the above. i will get congress to work with us in order to achieve that goal. >> and finally, is the praying mantess a bug? none of these stories on "red eye" tonight jie. now let's welcome our guest. she was s


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